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In an era of rapid global change, SIDI emerges as a beacon of foresight and action. Recognizing the intricate challenges spanning geopolitical, technological, economic, and social domains, SIDI commits to bridging the gap between high aspirations and practical solutions. We understand that today’s challenges require not just solutions but a transformation in our thinking. We catalyze this systemic shift, uniting thought leaders to navigate and harness the potential of disruptive forces. 

Additionally, SIDI is committed to empowering young visionaries, recognizing their critical role as architects of the future, transforming them into proactive leaders. Our initiatives educate and elevate the youth, ensuring their voices and visions are integral in shaping a resilient and forward-thinking future.  


At the forefront of pioneering thought, SIDI’s Thought-Leadership hub is an arsenal of insights for today’s leaders. From the incisive SIDI Briefing to our in-depth reports, we offer tools for understanding and leveraging disruptive forces. Our SIDI Journal and Collaborative Articles provide a deeper dive into emerging trends and technologies. 

Delivering essential updates on disruptive innovation in a concise format. It includes key research findings, articles, and insights from think tanks, providing a focused overview of significant developments and trends.

Providing extensive analyses across various domains, our reports encapsulate a broad view of the disruptive landscape. This encompasses an annual review of major disruptive trends, in-depth insights into space exploration, and distilled conclusions from think tank sessions.

Integrating technology, policy, and societal impact, this publication offers concise insights into disruptive forces. It includes whitepapers, expert interviews, cutting-edge research from fellows, and collaborative articles to demistify, understand and guide strategic decision-making and  transformative trends.

Offering an online executive education series and interactive webinars, we delve into disruptive forces and current issues. Our sessions provide insights into trends and real-world implications, focusing on disruption insights and topicality, while fostering a connection between our audience and the forefront of innovative thought. .

Global Guidance Forum

The Global Guidance Forum is a cornerstone of our mission to drive systemic transformation. The forum serves as an essential platform for holistic vision and system-level rethinking. Uniting to solve global challenges, business leaders, policymakers, and academic visionaries provide actionable guidance, proactively avoiding risks and shaping future opportunities. 

  • This face-to-face gathering is the foundation of our collaborative efforts, offering a dynamic setting for leaders and visionaries to tackle global challenges through direct interaction. It emphasizes the importance of personal engagement and collective brainstorming, leading to impactful solutions and strategies.
  • Leveraging digital platforms, these sessions extend our collaborative approach beyond physical boundaries, enabling a global community of experts to converge and contribute. They offer flexibility and inclusivity, ensuring diverse perspectives are integrated into actionable guidance and innovative pathways.

Young Disruptive Leaders

The Young Disruptive Leaders initiative empowers young adults to actively participate in shaping the future. They engage in a range of activities, from policy debates to innovation workshops, where their ideas can create alternative solutions to complex and relevant problems. This hands-on approach ensures that their voices are heard, restoring trust with institutions, and that they become aware of the central role of this systemic shift.


Our Events are not mere gatherings; they are dynamic arenas for innovation, networking, and collaborative exploration. Each event is meticulously crafted to blend intellectual stimulation with engaging experiences, fostering environments where leaders and innovators can connect, create strategic opportunities, and collaboratively envision the future. 

Our dinner series provides a unique networking and idea exchange opportunity in a relaxed setting. These events connect leaders from diverse sectors, fostering strategic yet casual conversations and encouraging meaningful connections and collaborations.

The Disruptive Hackathon at SIDI is a creative contest fostering innovation and competition. Open to diverse participants, it challenges them to develop feasible, impactful, and disruptive ideas, creating a mix of intellectual stimulation and playful engagement to celebrate innovation.

Our events feature presentations of tangible projects from SIDI’s research and ideation, including open initiatives and external partnerships leading to potential spin-offs. These showcases offer practical applications of our research and opportunities for collaboration and investment in groundbreaking initiatives.

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Your support is vital for us to democratize the program and continue our work in preparing for a positive societal impact. Your involvement places you at the forefront of a movement shaping our futureand demonstrates a commitment to addressing critical global challenges. 

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