Marketing for innovation

The difference between a successful business and just another good idea

Racommended for: innovative companies, technology companies, start-ups
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There is no innovation without adoption. The world is changing, the markets are changing, and so are the rules of the game. Having a good idea is no longer enough to be successful. We have created marketing services for innovative companies that want to overcome the innovation gap, jumping from the idea to the market.

Brand as a Product

Today more than ever, customers choose to buy a brand before purchasing the product. Your brand must not only tell a story; it must, first of all, tell a mission. We transform your brand into a new identity that embodies the new scale of the post-digital era’s values—a symbol of a greater porpoise that your customers will follow and believe in.

Idea Validation

The market is a real judge. The validation of the idea is necessary to understand its traction on the market and improve products or services before the launch. We have created a series of digital tools that allow you to optimize the validation of the idea, get concrete feedback, and real data quickly and at a low budget.

Lead generation

We put the potential of technology and the best market strategies at your service. Starting from your ideal customer’s identikit, we create automated B2B and B2C lead generation strategies, which will allow you to reach your audience and establish relationships with target customers who are motivated to purchase your products or services.

New markets discovery

We don’t help you conquer your market; we help you create new ones.

Give up the competition for abundance. We help companies change their products and services’ shape, functionality and identity to become disruptive in new markets undervalued by competitors.

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