VR & AR for Business

Virtual Reality is not a technology, it’s a business model

Racommended for: medium and large companies

When the rules of the game change, it is crucial to identify solutions with the potential to increase our competitive level in future scenarios. Implementing VR and AR solutions will allow your company to reduce costs, improve processes, services, and training significantly.

We offer advice and consultancy on the most suitable technological solutions best suited to your real needs and budget. 

We’re using technologies offered to the business, creating new ones, or optimizing existing resources to achieve the best possible result.

SIDI international VR-box

Virtual Reality

Fully enclosed, synthetic experience with no sense of the real world.

SIDI international AR-box

Augmented Reality

The real world remains central to the experience, enhanced by virtual details.

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Merged Reality

Interaction with and manipulation of both the physical and virtual environment.

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