Think Tank

Unleash your disruptive potential

The Think Tank is the dimension where Sidi unleash its potential. It is the convergence point between different visions, experiences, knowledge, skills, technologies, talents, and approaches.

Through brainstorming, the group is pushed, always with different methods, to think outside the box, giving life to new ideas and new approaches.

We stress brilliant minds, forcing them to find new solutions and, sometimes, new problems.
The goal of the Think Thank is not to break the rules but to create new ones, defining perspectives that allow us to see what others do not see.

Creativity meets practice and transforms challenges into goals.

Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities.​

Disruptive thinking comes from sharing values and contamination, and it grows through a long-term vision.

There are no limits or restrictions during the Think Tank: it’s a process free from prejudices and preconceptions

It doesn’t matter what industry your company is in. It doesn’t matter which market you are competing in. There is an opportunity right next to you that you don’t see.
We work with you to identify new market opportunities. But this is only the result, not the goal. The aim of the Think Tank is to let you develop the only skill you need to always be two steps ahead of your competitors: the ability to see what others do not see.

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