Competence Centers

Become an agent of change

Innovation, vision and common interests unite people and make things happen.
Through its competence centers, SIDI brings together complimentary stakeholders, business and individuals to create specific innovation communities that aim to learn, develop and accelerate innovation into different playgrounds.

The difference between theory and pragmatic approach is the same that exists between a new successful business and just another good idea.

In an era of disruption, those who do not collaborate are left behind.

Coronavirus has shown how unprepared the world is to face possible pandemics. Today, through genome editing technologies of relatively simple use such as Crispr-Cas9, it is possible to modify the genome of any living being with surprising ease. The threat of the possibility to face future biological weapons becomes terribly concrete.

The CCGE reunites scientists, biologists, medical doctors, and common people to better understand this powerful yet disruptive technology.

Displacement bans and distance obligations have strongly influenced the activities of companies around the world.

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), to express their full potential, should not be used to create the mere digital copy of something that exists in the real world. These technologies must be used to create new business models, new processes, and new standards.

SIDI Competence Center for 3D Building is a network of companies and institutions that belongs to the supply chain of the construction sector. It strives to become an international point of reference in the scheme of additive building manufacturing, and innovation based on 3D printing technologies applied to construction.

Switzerland, perhaps more than any other country in the world, must pay particular attention to the advent of Blockchain technologies. These innovations can disrupt many activities that Switzerland has pivoted on for its own well-being: finance, security, confidentiality, secrecy. The Blockchain Competence Center provide guidance and education to companies and institution willing to understand, innovate and unleash opportunities in this field.
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